Revolut Referral Bonus: £10 to £200 in 2023


Revolut is a digital banking app that offers currency exchange, international money transfers, and stock trading. In this blog, we will talk about Revolut Referral Bonus.


Revolut sign up bonus
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What is Revolut Referral?

Revolut Referral is a program that rewards Revolut users for referring their friends and family to the app. When you refer a friend to Revolut, they will receive a referral bonus, and you will also receive a referral bonus worth £10 to £200 free share.

The best way to earn up to £200 with Revolut Referral Bonus is to refer a friend, and you'll both get £10 to £200 when the referrer makes three purchases with his Revolut card totalling at least £5 each. Join now Revolut referral bonus.

Revolut Friend Referral Bonus
Get up to £200 Revolut Referral Bonus

Revolut Referral Bonus: £10 to £200 in 2023

To get a £10 to £200 Revolut bonus, all you have to do is follow these 4 steps below:
1. Create a Revolut account
2. Add money to your accountConnect to another bank account or use a bank card to add money.Please Note: Apple Pay, Google Pay or Revolut transfers don't count.
3. Order a physical cardYou can link the card to your phone wallet to start spending before it arrives! The Revolut card is totally free.
4. Make 3 purchases of £5 minimumUse any Revolut card, virtual or physical, to make 3 purchases. Transfers, gift cards or gambling transactions won't be counted.
What is the amount of your reward?The amount is revealed once you have completed all the required steps. You will earn a random cash reward of either £10, £25, £50, £100, or £200. If you are really lucky, you will win £200! Take a quick test now. here 
Another way to get more rewards, Simply to refer your friends and family and you'll both get £10 to £200.

Revolut Sign up Bonus | Revolut Friend Referral Bonus

To get a £10 to £200 Revolut sign up bonus, Join Revolut through our Revolut referral.

Revolut Referral Code & Link -- Click here to join the Revolut referral

✦Referrer Earns -- £10 to £200

✦Referral Earn -- £10 to £200

✦Get Paid -- After doing 3 transactions over >£5 each with the card

✦ Cash Out Instantly, available for withdrawal

How to get a Revolut Referral Bonus

To get a Revolut referral bonus, you will need to:

1. Create a Revolut account.

2. Share your referral code with your friends.

3. When your friend signs up for Revolut using your referral code, they will receive a referral bonus.

4. You will also receive a referral bonus once your friend 

completes the following steps: 

a. Verify their identity.

b. Top up their account.

c. Make a purchase with their Revolut card.


The Revolut referral bonus is a great way to save money on Revolut's fees and earn rewards for referring your friends and family to Revolut. If you are looking for a digital banking app with low fees and a variety of financial services, then Revolut is a great option.

Revolut Referral

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Revolut Referral Code | Revolut Promo Code

Revolut has a referral link instead of a Revolut promo code/Revolut a Revolut Referral code. Click our Revolut referral rewards to join Revolut Bank.

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